Other services

  • Newsletters and bulk email management
  • Integrated social networking - Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Web hosting services
  • Online trading/e-commerce
  • Back up and recovery plan
  • Website monitoring

 The more you get from your web presence, the more you are likely to want. For example, how can the content of your website get automatically reflected on your Facebook presence? And how do you get the best ranking on search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

You need no convincing that you need to get newsletters out to your customer base, but who is looking after it? And what with, the standard email software on their desktop computer? See The 'quick' newsletter myth

Time is of the essence and it is almost certainly cheaper and easier to let The Gorilla Guide look after these issues, freeing up your time to work on more effective marketing strategies.

We can help you set up an online shop. If your website is enabled for ecommerce, you will need processes to handle both service or product delivery and sales management. If you have existing transaction management processes then your website-derived business will need to be integrated into your existing systems.

Some of these bridges you can cross when you get to them (although a website backup plan is not something to put off). None the less, when you arrive at these crossroads, The Gorilla Guide is here to solve these issues and others as painlessly as possible.