Content maintenance


After your website is up and running, inevitably, you will want to change the site content as your business grows. How often will depend very much on your business, but experience tells us that this will probably be much sooner than you  expect.

Websites designed by The Gorilla Guide are generally built around a content management system which will seperate the words and visuals on your website from the technical processes that make your website work. This means that the content can be changed with just basic understanding of the technicalities. Good news if you want to update the site yourself and even if you don't, this will keep to a minimum the cost of us doing it for you.

You will probably want to refresh the style of your site regularly. It is unavoidable that web design is as much subject to trends and fads as anything else in the world of media. If your website is important to you, you cannot afford to let that website look tired. The Gorilla Guide can work with you to make the changes as subtle or as radical as you decide.