About The Gorilla Guide

Chris Bonney. Managing partner of TGG

I'm Chris Bonney and I run The Gorilla Guide. I have worked in software design for nearly two decades before refocusing on web-related projects. Customers that have used my consultancy services have been of all sizes, from small and start-up businesses to a top-five law firm and two global telecommunications giants.

Understanding and evolving an intuitive user experience has been a particular concern for me. A well-considered user interface can make or break the success of any project. The visual language of colour, objects and text on the screen needs to make sense to the user from the outset and work in a predictable and unobtrusive way.

This is as true as ever with the web and e-commerce. If your website visitor is in step with you as they navigate around your site, the opportunity to convert them into a customer, or at least gain their interest as an advocate and future customer is increased. Furthermore, as a tool that your business uses and relies on every day, your website must be something that works well for you, and you must be fully conversant with how to maximise that success.

Building an online business presence and coming up with the best possible solution remains something that I enjoy doing. My full-time entry into web consulting happened because I wrote a course on web design called The Gorilla Guide and the name somehow stuck. People remember me as the 'Gorilla Guide fella'.

The Gorilla Guide aims to turn our customers' aspirations into web solutions that enable their goals, and are a key part of an environment of success.